The Harts of Chipping Campden
by Richard Russell
An insight into four generations creating fine silver in the Arts and Crafts tradition

“The Hart’s workshop in Chipping Campden, the sole survivor of C. R. Ashbee’s Arts and Crafts Guild of Handicraft, evokes visions of its century-old origins so strongly that the casual visitor may think he has arrived in a museum. But the truth is that the eyes of the third and fourth generations of the Hart family, who now practice their craft here, are very firmly set on the future.

The craftsmanship evident in the pieces of gold, silver, bronze – and these days jewellery – which they create is in many ways timeless, but these precious objects could scarcely be made by hands which did not have a century of experience behind them.

This book is a celebration of that hundred years’ experience as well as a glimpse into the future. With plenty of detailed history of the family and the business, the book will appeal to anyone who would like an insight into the creation of silverware with a reputation.”

Hardcover  112 pages   245 x 155 mm

ISBN 978-0-9554217-4-7


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