(Guild of Handicraft)

Designers and makers of fine hand-crafted silver to your individual requirements since 1888


Charles Robert Ashbee,
Photograph by
Frank Lloyd Wright

The Guild of Handicraft was founded in 1888 by Charles Ashbee, an architect and devotee of William Morris, its aim to revive craftsmanship, which had been in decline since the industrial revolution.

In 1902, to improve the quality of life for his craftsman, Ashbee moved the Guilds – which included around fifty jewellers, enamelers, woodcarvers, cabinetmakers, silversmiths, French polishers and bookbinders – from workshops in the East End of London to Chipping Camden in the centre of the Cotswolds.

The group, some 200 in all, including wives and children, descended on the town, bringing with them fresh ideas and making the market town a centre for the study of Arts and Crafts and contemporary design in the early part of this century. Although in the long term the experiment was not successful, there were some who stayed on.

Among them was silversmith George Hart, who, in the best traditions of the Guild, passed on his skills to his son Henry.

Henry in turn taught his own son David, who today runs the business with his son William and nephew Julian; Derek Elliott, the fourth member of the studio, also served his apprenticeship with David.


David (seated), Henry and George Hart in 1959, with a monstrance made for Scunthorpe.

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